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Intelligent work

Intelligent work means different things to different people. To us, it means ensuing designing the right tools that improve an end users interactions with Catalyst. Recent enhancements include;

  • Improving our collaborative workspace by including the ability to present child records
  • Extending our powerful document automation tools 
  • Enhancing our workflow canvas by adding new actors and improving the editing space
  • Additional task management and task allocation tools
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Data-driven process automation

We’re obsessed with structured data. It’s at the heart of everything we do and vital to the delivery of efficient automation. Recent enhancements include.

  • Fully configurable relational model using a drag and drop canvas
  • Enhanced our data model design tools to deliver more complex solutions
  • We’ve also added relational support for our document automation tools
process automation

Integrations & ecosystem

No legal tech provider should be an island, and we’re building bridges everywhere. Recent enhancements include;

  • New Microsoft graph oAuth 2.0 client credentials  
  • New iManage Authentication object and sequence tools
  • API (bearer token) authentication object, which allows a secure method to integrate into other third party tools
  • integration for term and provision extraction
  • DocuSign integration


Elements is a tool designed to allow our customers, our client value team and our partners to design and load third party web-parts into the Catalyst platform interacting with the underlying platform data.

Whether it’s widgets, diagrams, or interactive graphics, you can display them all with ease. A full management framework allows Elements to be configured, installed and displayed in Catalyst, opening up a world of possibilities to extend your workflow solutions.


Document automation

Within the context of any record, you can now surface any document automation templates using the new sidebar. Extending our document automation use case in this way enables quick document generation for selected records and seamless document saving to specific fields, streamlining your business processes with efficient automation capabilities.


Sequencer enhancements

We’ve supercharged the Sequencer recently with;

  • Binary and multipart document support. 
  • New task actors to improve task allocation
  • New file download tools
Sequencer enhancements

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