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Key features

Create simple yet secure collaboration workspaces for contract storage and task management

Define the review process ensuring clear audit trail

Create workflows to automate activity increasing efficiency and improving productivity

Integrate with your systems of record using our comprehensive connectors & APIs

Deliver live trends and data insights & automate reporting

Use the Autologyx Catalyst Word sidebar to build templates for document automation

Unlimited matter types

System of record

Create a system of record managing each contract and it’s metadata, integrate with term extraction tools like Zuva

Document automation

Configure the best in class document automation tools to repaper your contracts and automate the signing process with e-signature tools like DocuSign.


Triage & prioritisation

Create streamlined processes for triage, prioritisation and review.

Performance & analytics

Track and play back key KPIs, service levels or any combination of analytics either to internal or external users.

Autologyx can be applied to many business challenges. Get in touch to find out more.

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