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Key features

Consistent & live portfolio data and records

Oversee all tasks on a single platform

Track lease obligations and receive automated reminders

Automatically create documentation using portfolio data

Automate reporting/dashboards based on live data

Cross-collaborate with internal and external parties

fully separate

Real estate intake portal

Standardise and streamline property management requests, capture all required information upfront and triage work to the most appropriate resources.

Document automation

Create related documents, using any record data. Automate production of leases, licenses, notices and automatically send to internal and external stakeholders.

Attach documents

Portfolio records & data

Navigate through related property information; see related summaries, tasks and audit history against every record, permissioned at individual record level.

Performance & analytics

Track and play back key KPIs, service levels or any combination of analytics either to internal or external users.


Global telco makes the right call

Learn how Autologyx enabled a global telco to transform the processing of lease renewals

Autologyx can be applied to many business challenges. Get in touch to find out more.