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Key features

Manage all your matters in a single platform

Collaborate over matters or tasks with internal and external parties

Automate using your data e.g. notifications, document production, task allocation

Track any action or change with fully auditable data and live dashboards

Integrate with existing or new systems with our comprehensive APIs

Combine with customer-facing landing pages to create new services

fully separate

Unlimited matter types

Whether one or many, configure records to track and manage unlimited matter types, with fully separate permissioning, task types and workflow automation

Task management

Track, complete and review tasks either against individual records or review all tasks assigned to you in one workspace; create and allocate tasks either manually or automatically

Attach documents

Document storage & automation

Attach documents to each record type, and automate around them: document reviews, automated contract creation, negotiation workflows or integrated storage into other systems

Collaboration workflows

Deliver work around your record types with triage and automated allocation either to internal teams or users or external collaborators. Integrate any other systems into the workflow

Autologyx can be applied to many business challenges. Get in touch to find out more.