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Key features

Manage one or many claims portfolios in a single platform

Integrate with existing or new systems using our comprehensive workflow and APIs

Automate any step using your data e.g. notifications, claims letters, task allocation

Collaborate over tasks with internal and external parties

Track any action or change with fully auditable data and live dashboards

Easily triage claims or individual tasks using triggers such as claims type, value, date or location

Unlimited matter types

Unlimited matter types

Configure any record type to look and feel exactly as you need, then set up related records such as Claim/Claimant, and navigate easily between them.

Task management

Track, complete and review tasks with manual and automated task allocation; invite ad-hoc external users to complete 1-off tasks without logging in.


Document storage & automation

Automate creation of claims documents using any combination of claims data, then store with the record with a fully auditable history or push to another system of record.

Collaboration workflows

Use our comprehensive workflow engine to automate claims workload between individuals or teams; integrate supporting technology such as machine learning to speed up specific tasks.

Autologyx can be applied to many business challenges. Get in touch to find out more.

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