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Key features

All 3 types of document automation: form-based, manually triggered from records, or fully automated using our workflow engine

Use native word plus the Autologyx Catalyst sidebar to build templates for automation

Supports advanced features such as formulas & conditional logic

Use merge data in the same document from any related records, at any level: the only way to efficiently manage automation for portfolios of clients and matters

Combine with customer-facing landing pages to create legal self-service workflows for standard contracts or forms

Integrate with downwind technology such as e-Signature or other systems of record

Based document automationpes

Form-based document automation

Easily create intake forms, embed on a landing page and drive self-service document creation, or use as part of an extended process. Combine form data with other record data for ultimate flexibility.

Manual document automation

Create standard templates against any record type to allow users to manually trigger, edit & save automated documents there and then while viewing the associated record.


Fully automated document automation

Use the record or time data in your Catalyst platform to automatically trigger production of documents, and present these to users as part of a broader process or task allocation.

Document automation as part of an ecosystem

No longer treat document automation as a standalone activity: embed into your matter or contract management or lifecycles with fully integrated, live matter data from processes built on the Catalyst platform.

Autologyx can be applied to many business challenges. Get in touch to find out more.