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Making legal process automation surprisingly simple

We often witness a “lightbulb moment” among prospective clients when they discover the potential of Autologyx’s data-driven process engine. The initial reaction is a blend of amazement and excitement: “Wow, that’s incredible! You can tackle all those problems our other systems can’t!” The possibilities seem endless.

But then comes the hesitation: “It looks powerful, but also techy and complex. Do we have the skills and time for this?”

I think you do and here’s why:

Powerful, yet intuitive

Yes, Autologyx is powerful, and with great power comes great flexibility (apologies, Stan Lee). Put simply, we can do things other legal tech platforms can’t. But don’t be fooled by the breadth of capabilities; none of it is actually inherently complicated. Start with a few basic ideas and everything flows and makes sense. Autologyx is designed specifically around legal and compliance use-cases. We aren’t general tech (like a helpdesk ticketing system for example), re-purposed for legal.

You’re already doing it

Consider this: every manual task allocation to an associate is a data point and a decision. You’re already dealing with these complexities daily, probably without even realising it. Autologyx simply harnesses these everyday decisions into a structured, efficient flow. Getting your processes into Autologyx is the easy bit!

Data at heart, simplicity in design

Our platform is built with data at its core, but we’ve designed it to mirror natural thought processes. For instance, we don’t call the building blocks ‘Data Tables’; they’re ‘Object Classes’. Why? Because they’re not just tables; they’re the foundation of everything – from user interfaces to process automation. Think of them as the Lego bricks of legal tech; simple, yet capable of creating masterpieces. Most importantly because they all work together, managing change is straightforward. Add a field to a class and magically that field is available everywhere else you need it.

The Sequencer: Your process conductor

Our process automation engine, aptly named the ‘Sequencer’, doesn’t just process data; it orchestrates it. Like a maestro leading an orchestra, it sequences events and data in any order you need, bringing harmony to your legal processes. At its heart is a graph-based event engine – unique in the legal tech space that means we can replicate your real world with the nuances and intricacies that traditional workflow engines struggle with. But just because it can ‘do hard’ doesn’t mean that you have to start with a concerto! Time-to-value is a key objective when we first start out with customers and often simple processes that take a few minutes to implement can deliver huge value. The possibilities may be endless but you can start with the basics!

And here’s the kicker: when clients actually start using Autologyx, they’re often surprised at how quickly they get the hang of it. That initial ‘lightbulb’ moment of awe turns into a realisation: “I’ve got the power of data-centric automation at my fingertips!” It’s not just for the tech-savvy. We’ve seen lawyers and professionals, who’d never label themselves as ‘data geeks’, embrace our platform with ease.

So, while the idea of mastering data-driven AI in legal tech might seem daunting, like anything worth doing it just needs a little context and application. Starting from first principles many customers have their first processes up and running in a couple of hours. That lightbulb moment is closer at hand than you would think!