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Autologyx enhances its workflow platform with advanced document intelligence powered by Zuva.

Autologyx enhances its workflow platform with advanced document intelligence powered by Zuva

Autologyx, a leading provider of matter management and workflow automation tools, today announces the availability of advanced document intelligence, integrated into its  Autologyx Catalyst operations platform. 

These additional features, powered by our partnership with leading contracts AI provider Zuva, will allow our customers to design more powerful, connected workflows, and increase productivity and efficiency. Customers will be able to send documents for review from their Autologyx platform, leverage Zuva’s 1300+ pre-trained AI fields to extract the data points they’re looking for, and return them in a structured format to their Autologyx records. From there customers can review the data, use it to create further documents such as review summaries or letters of amendment, create any task for further internal or external stakeholders, or even push the data to other systems in your ecosystem. 

Autologyx CEO Edward Wilson said: “We needed a core partner offering for all things data extraction, and Zuva was the obvious choice. Noah and the team have first class pedigree in the domain having the Kira journey behind them, and their API-first model works very well with our open-ended workflow. With this integration customers can benefit from Zuva’s contracts AI at any point in their process, with any combination of workflows around it – whether as part of a document review process, legal intake, or a specific contract area such as lease analysis and creation.”  

Together, the partnership between Autologyx and Zuva will benefit customers new and old. This integration provides customers with access to best in class contracts AI, within the context of the collaborative workspace. It addresses the needs of all customers, not just those focused on our legal use cases such as contract review. 

 “It’s been a pleasure collaborating with the wonderful Autologyx team, and we’re proud to partner with them on this innovative solution,” said Noah Waisberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Zuva. “We are focused on making it dead simple for people to access leading contracts AI wherever they’d like to, and we are excited that Autologyx has brought our AI to their platform.” 

About Zuva  

The Zuva team has been building contracts AI since 2011. Zuva’s technology has been used to pull data from millions of agreements, by the world’s most demanding contract reviewers; including 18 of the top 25 M&A focused law firms, parts of the Big 4, and many corporations. Zuva has freed its technology from any individual system or workflow, making it dead simple for people to get contract data automatically extracted by AI, where they need it. For more information, or to try Zuva’s contracts AI yourself (for free!), visit