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Game changing capabilities added to Catalyst 1.2

Game changing capabilities added to Catalyst 1.2​

Autologyx Catalsyt 1.2 was deployed to customers in May and our early adopter clients have been building on the latest platform. The update contains some game changing capabilities making Catalyst even more powerful that we wanted to share with you.

Relational modeller

We’re obsessed with data. Structured data is essential to streamline processes and deliver workflow automation at scale. However good data in silos is a challenge. Of course you can join them or link them but unlocking the true potential of your data relies on the ability to create complex relationships quickly and simply without the need to be a SQL or data genius. Now you can with our relational modeller. It allows you to create a visual representation of your data structures which automatically creates the necessary views to allow for workflow recursion and combining data sets from parent through to children.

Embedding child records and fly outs

Once you have built your relational model, you can further extend the power of your solution by using the record designer capability by embedding child records in the context of the parent record. You can also open records in context whilst maintaining a robust breadcrumb, allowing you to navigate between parent and children multiple layers deep.

One-time completion tasks

We’ve all needed the ability to send a task for someone to complete, to someone outside a system of record; importantly without the need for giving them specific access to the underlying system or individual record. Just a single simple task. That’s what one time completion tasks are!

JSON field types

One for our more advanced developer community – the JSON field type in forms and records allows you to capture complex data structures as part of your records, whilst maintaining tight integration with our sequencer, meaning that any field within a record AND any specific data point in a field can act as a trigger for a workflow, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability in your automation ambitions.

These are the headline features of Catalyst 1.2 but there are a tonne more. If you’d like to learn a little more than the quick snippet above and understand how you might deploy Autologyx Catalyst to solve your legal problems, please contact us.